Unlocking the Essence of Face Up Pai Gow Poker

Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of Face Up Pai Gow Poker, where thrilling head-to-head encounters with the dealer await. Offering a distinctive twist, players gain insight into the house hand before strategizing their own moves. This variation of Pai Gow Poker, prevalent in the vibrant gaming atmosphere of Vegas, introduces optional wagers like Progressive, Fortune Bonus, Envy Bonus, and Ace-High, adding an extra layer of excitement.

Game Dynamics:

Mirroring the conventional Pai Gow format, each player and the dealer are dealt seven cards from a standard deck of 52 cards, featuring an additional Joker. The versatile Joker serves three roles – as an Ace, to complete a Straight, and to complete a Flush. A random number generator, initiated by the dealer, decides the first recipient in a counter-clockwise sequence, with the dealer always starting as number one.

As per house rules, the dealer organizes their hand before guiding players in setting theirs. Players create two hands from their seven cards – a High Hand comprising five cards and a Low Hand comprising two cards. Both hands are then placed face down on the designated positions on the layout.

Strategies to Win:

Securing a victory requires both the high and low hands to outrank the corresponding dealer’s hands. Familiarity with traditional Poker ranking procedures proves advantageous. The low hand must consist of two cards and be of lower rank than the high hand. Failure to meet this criterion results in a “foul hand,” leading to automatic forfeiture of the wager.

To claim a successful bet, both the high and low hands must either both win or both lose when compared to the house hand. In case of one winning and the other losing, the outcome is a “push,” with no monetary exchange. A tie (same ranking) for either the high or low hand results in the house winning that portion of the hand.

All winning bets are compensated at even money, distinguishing Face Up Pai Gow Poker as a commission-free game. No 5% commission is levied when defeating the dealer.

Bonus Features:

Embark on an extra thrill with the Progressive Bonus, where a $5 wager provides a shot at a progressive jackpot that has, in the past, exceeded $1 million. The Fortune Bonus allows wins when the seven-card hand matches the paytable, accompanied by an envy bonus payout for qualifying hands. Envy bonuses are paid at the round’s end, rewarding players with envy buttons. A tiebreaker scenario, the Ace-High Pai Gow, results in a push for all main wagers.

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